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Nature Images
Metairie, LA USA
Email: john@nature-images.com

For more than two decades, New Orleans native John Dolsen has been capturing the great outdoors through the lens of a camera. As a professional wildlife photographer, Dolsenís work has taken him to the pristine mountains, lakes and rivers of Alaska and Canada, to the dense jungles and rain forests of Central and South America.

When Dolsen is not traveling, teaching or lecturing to students at a community college, he owns and operates his business, Nature Images. An impressive collection of his work is now available for purchase so you can enjoy the inherent beauty of the outdoors. These professional-quality prints are ideal for your home or office, and make great gifts for friends and relatives.

When you find the print that you would like to purchase, decide what size print(s) you would like and give us a call at (504) 832-1663, or e-mail us at john@nature-images.com.

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